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The secret of success in the stock market is not what you think it is

Most traders want to trade ‘perfectly’ in the share market, i.e. they do not want to commit mistakes or have any trading losses in their portfolio. However, there is nothing like a perfect trader; traders keep on adapting and changing their strategies to factor in all events and announcements. However, some cannot handle this and get frustrated; some even end up blowing away their whole account and consequently, even quit… Read Article →

The stock market is getting smoked because inflation is coming back to change the game

That is to say, the specific economic conditions in which we now find ourselves have changed the market as the world has known it for almost a decade. The winds have changed, and Wall Street is getting to know its new master. It’s a painful process. Now, in one word, the culprit for all of this is inflation. For the first time since the financial crisis, it has begun to reappear… Read Article →